About CarTek Consulting Service Offerings

CarTek Consulting has worked very hard to determine what services would be most effective in helping our clients improve their security posture, while also providing great value with cost in mind.  Research has shown that most small businesses “don’t know, what they don’t know”.  In other words, small businesses don’t fully understand why they are at high risk for a breach.  So, that is why CarTek Consulting focuses on educating our clients.

We have developed our own security framework and assessment that is tailored to small businesses.  We use this as a tool to give our clients a true view of their level of risk and their potential for a breach.

Please take some time to review CarTek Consulting’s Service Offerings to learn what we can do for you.

CarTek Consulting Cyber Security Services


Training Delivery and Course Development

Traditional learning methods are becoming overstretched and trying very hard to cope with the changing learners and markets dynamics.  Additionally, sellers are evolving to meet the demands of the new markets. At CarTek, we offer a Just-In-Time Learning method to deliver what the customer needs and wants.

Security Assessments

CarTek Consulting has worked hard to develop our very own custom Security  Framework and Assessment.  Our assessment is specifically tailored to fit the needs of small businesses. When you sign up with CarTek for an assessment, we focus on you, the client.  Because every client is different and has different business goals, we understand that some portions of the assessment will not be applicable and yet there may be some areas that require extra focus.

Vulnerability Management

A vulnerability is an exposure, predisposition, or inherent weakness that exists in your business.  The vulnerabilities can be technical, related to your computers or servers.   Vulnerabilities can also be administratively related to a general lack of security awareness.

Security Event Management

CarTek Consulting provides complete monitoring, managing and alerting (MMA) of security logs and security data, and transaction logs (access, audit, application, event, service, system). We support Windows, Linux, and Unix platforms.

Security Architecture Consulting

CarTek Consulting has extensive experience working with network consultants and system developers to ensure that security requirements are accurately identified in the network industrial control system layers and enterprise system architecture levels.  CarTek consultants have the expertise to ensure network and system architectures include security controls that cascade for redundancy to provide for robust defense-in-depth solutions (removing single points of failure).

Customized Security Solutions

At CarTek Consulting, we understand that every business has it’s unique security needs. Our solutions are equipped to accommodate your individual business needs. Please contact one of our security experts for a customized business solutions proposal.

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Your initial security assessment is complimentary, and it will identify any security vulnerabilities your business may have.