Training Delivery and Course Development


Training Delivery

Traditional learning methods are becoming overstretched and trying very hard to cope with the changing learners and markets dynamics.  Additionally, sellers are evolving to meet the demands of the new markets. At CarTek, we offer a Just-In-Time Learning method to deliver what the customer needs and wants. We offer a variety of learning options that comprise of:

  • Instructor-Led Training (ILT)
  • Blended (Integrated) Learning
  • Digital Learning

Course Development

Our course development efforts are designed to meet today’s market demands. The development process is a blend of ADDIE/IDDIE methods and leveraging the various technologies in the market to reduce development time. From the task analysis stage to evaluation, we make sure that we answer the question “what should the learner be able to do after this training?”

At CarTek, we create courses that answer this question succinctly and on time.

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