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Security Assessments

CarTek Consulting has worked hard to develop our very own custom Security  Framework and Assessment.  Our assessment is specifically tailored to fit the needs of small businesses. When you sign up with CarTek for an assessment, we focus on you, the client.  Because every client is different and has different business goals, we understand that some portions of the assessment will not be applicable and yet there may be some areas that require extra focus.

The primary purpose of an assessment is to determine the current security baseline for your business.  Understanding your company’s security posture is a very important first step to lowering your company’s risk posture.  The assessment will cover physical security, local/remote access controls, review of your current security policies and much more.  As previously mentioned, we do consider your industry, and therefore we do include a high-level compliance review as part of our assessment.

At CarTek Consulting, we believe that every company should have some form of security assessment completed annually. This belief is grounded in the understanding that technology is constantly changing and improving.  A side effect of those improvements is the constant creation of more sophisticated threats.  Your current security controls may have been enough to lower you level of risk in previous years.  However, those same controls that once protected you, can now provide a new opportunity for attack by malicious hackers.

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