About Us

Our Mission

CarTek Consulting is an advocate for improvement of the risk profile for small to medium sized businesses (SMBs).  Our advocacy is focused on educating SMB’s on the importance of implementing information security best practices to secure their assets.  CarTek will show the value of the investment in your cyber security strategy and infrastructure by demonstrating how your improved risk profile will solidify your security posture, thus increasing the chances of your company’s long term viability.  CarTek Consulting will strive to provide economical solutions in an effort to remove a barrier that prevents many SMB’s from properly securing their assets and thus lowering their risk of successful attack.

4.2 Billion
Data records compromised during 2015
3 Trillion Dollars
Cost of cyber crimes annually
80 Billion Dollars
Amount spent to protect against cyber crimes annually
Number of cyber attacks, per year, on SMB's
Number of cyber attacks, per day, on SMB's
86000 Dollars
Approximate cost for an SMB to recover from a breach

Our Strategy

CarTek Consulting has developed and tested a solid information security framework that encompasses portions of industry recognized frameworks such as, PCI DSS, ISO 27000 series, NIST SP 800-53, and others.  Using our experience working with these existing frameworks, we determined that there was no need to “re-create the wheel”.  We can take the best parts of these existing frameworks and make our own that will better meet the needs of our clients.

We employ a details focused approach with respect to information and requirements gathering to ensure we have a comprehensive and complete understanding of the customer’s needs.  This same approach is used in the execution of our Security Assessment as it is imperative that we understand the current state of the clients’s risk and security posture to ensure we are able to identify any and all security gaps.



Because we understand that gaining your trust and confidence is of the utmost importance, CarTek Consulting wanted to make sure they partnered with industry leaders who are known for quality technology and services.

With that said, we have partnered with Qualys as our vulnerability scanning and management solution.  Qualys is considered and industry leader in this space and has clients that include 60 percent of the Forbes Global 50.

Also, we have partnered with AlienVault as our logging management solution.  As recent as 2016, Gartner has listed AlienVault as a visionary in the Security Information Event Management Space (SIEM).


Our Solution

Our goal, upon completion of an engagement, is to ensure that our client has a full view of their current state.  This makes certain the client is aware of their security gaps regardless of whether they move forward with the recommendations.

CarTek will include a proposed solution for each recommendation.  The solutions will include options for on-going support and/or training for your staff.