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Vulnerability Management

A vulnerability is an exposure, predisposition, or inherent weakness that exists in your business.  The vulnerabilities can be technical, related to your computers or servers.   Vulnerabilities can also be administrative related to a general lack of security awareness.

Our Vulnerability Management service focuses on  both technical and administrative needs.  We can provide one-time vulnerability scans for your infrastructure or we can provide the service on an ongoing basis (recommended).  From an administrative perspective, we can provide one-time security awareness training to your employees or we can help you develop an ongoing security awareness program.

Benefits of vulnerability management:

  1. Improves the security of the organization
  2. Provides an opportunity to identify known and unknown security exposures before attackers do
  3. Provides the information necessary to make an informed decision on the prioritization of vulnerability fixes.
  4. Helps to give you a view of the overall risk level of your company
  5. Saves time – by having an ongoing process in place to assess, identify, and remediate vulnerabilities, it should help prevent a large vulnerability that is found too late. Success is in the process.
  6. Saves money – if you think it is expensive to implement a vulnerability management program, try paying expenses related to a successful breach of your company. The average breach of a small company could cost as much $86,000 to recover and remediate the damage.  Don’t forget the damage that money can’t repair; your  now devastated reputation.

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