market manipulation

Do Platforms See You as Customer or Prey?

The genesis of this post is based on some research I have been conducting related to solutions for governing the internet. So, it is a bit different than what I normally write about, but very relevant given the resent proposal by Elizabeth Warren to break up the major social media platforms. The topic of most […]

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Hacking Back – Should We?

There has been a growing chorus of those in the business community and even some cybersecurity professionals that think we should fight fire with fire.  In other words, if we become the target of a hacker, the company should have the right to make the hacker a target.  While understanding those feelings, I am not […]

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Cyber Attack

Small Businesses are Just the Right Size to Be Hacked

For years, traditional wisdom has always been that large corporations are the primary target for hackers.  This thinking stemmed from the understanding that motivations for hackers has evolved over the years to focus on monetary gain.  In the early 2000’s, the motivation for hackers was to gain knowledge and discover what their true capabilities were.  […]

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