Cyber Monday

CarTek Vlog – Episode 10 – Online Safety Tips for Cyber Monday and Every Other Day


12 Online Safety Tips for Cyber Monday and Every Other Day

  1. Only make purchases on reputable websites when shopping online.  If you are unfamiliar with the website, the holiday season is not the time to experiment.
  2. Make sure your browser, OS, and third party applications are up to date.
  3. Make sure you are using HTTPS for any website URLs in your browser – Look for the Lock
  4. Only use one credit card to limit damage in the case that your credit cards is stolen.  It is recommended that you use a credit card because they can give you protection for fraudulent purchases.
  5. Review your statements after purchases to make sure the amounts line up
  6. Avoid using public wifi while shopping online
  7. If you must use public wifi, then make sure you use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to protect your connection. Some, if not most, mobile devices come with a built-in VPN service nowadays.  So if you purchase from your mobile device, be sure to activate it.  Additionally, if you use your computer in a public location, be sure to use your phone as a hotspot. In general, don’t go raw on public internet or your might get an Electronically Transmitted Disease (ETD)
  8. Be mindful for email scams.  Don’t click the link in the email. Go to your browser and go directly to the website. Hackers are notorious for redirecting your connections to their own false website for the purpose of having you input your credentials and stealing them.
  9. Create strong passwords if you create an account on a websites and don’t reuse the password on other sites. Let you password be a snowflake.
  10. Avoid businesses that require you to type in your credit card manually. Their device could be capturing your keystrokes and stealing your card data.
  11. In the event that you are victimized, please file a complaint with the FTC or your state’s attorney general. This will help expose illegitimate business and it will force legitimate business to get their security in order.

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