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Financial Crimes – A growing Epidemic

Some of you may have heard that there was  a breach at the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) back in 2016. However, the impact of the breach is only recently being detailed.  The hackers were able to breach the Edgar System, which is used to transmit data related to company filings.  Usually, the company would send […]

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KRACK Vulnerability

In case you missed it, recently researchers have found a new vulnerability in the WPA2 wireless encryption process.  This affects most home and small business networks as for years WPA2 has been the recommended wireless security protocol.   According to an article from, these new vulnerabilities are collectively referred to as “KRACK Attacks,” and were publicly […]

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Cybersecurity Insurance

Cybersecurity Insurance – What you should know

As a small business owner, CarTek understands the importance of protecting your business.  Typically, we focus on helping companies to lower their risk by conducting assessments and providing cyber security solution recommendations.  However, there is another piece to the puzzle that is extraordinarily important in lowering risk.  That is the act of transferring risk with […]

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Net Neutrality

Net Neutrality – In My Opinion

I am sure by now, you have seen the new internet privacy bill that was passed a couple of months back.  Well, I guess it is my turn to add my two cents.  So, hear goes.   When the new internet privacy bill was introduced, the chief argument from the service providers perspective was that […]

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