CarTek Consulting - Privacy

Thoughts on Internet Privacy

Here is the setup   I am taking an information security course with  I love to learn:) In the course, students had to view a TEDx talk from Alexander Kotouc.  Mr. Kotouc’s talk focused on his perspective of Mobility in the future.  Overall, it was not a bad talk, but there was one portion […]

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CarTek Consulting Official Launch

Durham, NC April 29, 2017 Media Contact: Terence Thomas e: p: (919) 368-8971 For immediate release (1 page) -Short Release-   Local realtor and holding company to host a lifestyle, business, and networking expo for residents in the Triangle   On Saturday, April 29th, 2017 from 12pm until 3pm, Terence Thomas Realty and The Concenergy […]

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CarTek Consulting - Cyber Security

Why are we here?

Why Are We Here? According to the Symantec Internet Security Threat Report (ISTR) Small to Mediums sized businesses have seen an increase in spear phishing attacks by 65 percent Spear­ Phishing Campaigns targeting employees increased 55 percent Ransomware attacks have increased over 35 percent Vulnerabilities were found in 75 percent of all websites These numbers […]

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CarTek Consulting - IT Security

Cyber Security Careers: The Great Disconnect

As someone who is a frequent instructor at local technical/trade schools, the question that I often get from my students is, do I really need certifications?  Based on many of my discussions with current and former students, they constantly tell me that they were told they needed to go to a specific school or pay […]

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